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Bakker Burke Computers

441 Churchill Road, Kilburn SA 5084, 08 83400588

Serving SA Since 2007

ABN 71 897 883 875

Did you know...

Bakker Burke Computers also has a HUGE variety of over 1000 records and 100's of singles in store and online as well as Cassettes, CD's, DVD's, Blu-Ray, VHS, Betamax, Laserdisc and other format media.

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(Please note not all items in store are available online)

Records & CD's

We have a large variety of new and used Turntables and Amplifiers to suit ever budget

In store we always have a range of refurbished turntables with 3 month warranty that have had 5 point inspection and have had any problems fixed saving the customer over half price of usual repair cost with a faulty unit.

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We can also fix your turntable, speakers or amplifier

We Specialise in the following

  • Belt & Needle Replacements
  • Speed and motor issues
  • Cartridge and Stylus upgrades
  • Channel Repairs on AMPs
  • Speaker replacements and upgrades